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We know that the logo has to transmit the brand’s values and must be durable.

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We know that the logo has to transmit the brand’s values and must be durable.

Logo and Branding

To develop a logo design that transmits the brand values ​​and has continuity over time, we carry out the following steps

Study and analysis of your business, objectives, and competition. To create a logo, it is necessary to immerse yourself in the business niche based on the brand, the client, the competition, the opportunities, and the threats.

In this stage, the first visuals are captured on paper or on the screen in the conceptual form that has been imagined. The visual creation process is where those factors that work and those that do not are perfected to achieve a result that fits with the ideal concept of the brand.

It is important that the logo design is clean and with the minimum number of shapes possible. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind the symmetry of the proportions, along with the harmony and the choice of colors as typographic fonts.

At the time that the logo has the approval of the client, the style guide is prepared, in which the development of communication, the correct application of the logo, and, finally, how it should be used are explained and delimited.
This style guide includes:

  • Logos: full logos, secondary logos, and icons
  • Typography: font styles, sizes, and spacing
  • Color palette: primary and secondary colors
  • Other imagery and usecases: photos, illustrations, and artwork

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