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Strategy, Creativity, Success- That’s Us.

Know the journey of an agency that crafts marketing excellence through data-driven strategies.

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Strategy, Creativity, Success- That’s Us.

Know the journey of an agency that crafts marketing excellence through data-driven strategies.

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Our history

In 2018, Sophie Steffen, CEO and Co-founder of Kunoichi Growth, was in a tough situation. She was only 2000 Euros away from going completely broke. She was dealing with lots of anxiety and panic attacks, which made everything feel even worse. It seemed like her dream life was far away and unreachable. Sophie was stuck in a regular 9-to-5 job, feeling really lost and not sure what to do.

That’s when she decided to take a big chance and left her 9-to-5 job. She went all the way to Japan for four months to learn Martial Arts. And it completely changed her perspective on life. Even though it was scary, Sophie found out that she loved marketing and helping businesses grow. She started doing freelance work in that area, and things started looking up.

In 2022, Along with Ireneu, Sophie started her very own marketing agency called “Kunoichi Growth.” This was a big step, and it showed that Sophie had found her true calling. Since starting Kunoichi Growth, Sophie and her team have done great things. They’ve worked with more than 50 clients, helping them make their businesses bigger and better using smart performance marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a reliable marketing partner, get in touch with us. We are here to take your business to the next level with our expert performance marketing services. 


At our marketing agency, our vision is to create a world where businesses thrive through innovative and impactful performance marketing strategies. We envision a landscape where brands connect authentically with their audiences, drive sustainable growth, and contribute positively to their industries and communities. We’re here to be a part of that change, making sure businesses reach their best potential and leave a positive mark on the world.


As a team of passionate marketers, our mission is to continuously innovate, adapt, and deliver excellence in every campaign, ensuring our clients’ objectives are not just met but exceeded. At Kunoichi Growth, we are committed to providing exceptional performance marketing services that combine creativity, data-driven insights, and effective marketing strategies. Through collaboration and dedication, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, guiding them on their journey to success.

Meet the Master ‘Kunoichi’ Team

Sophie Steffen

Co-Founder & CEO

Ireneu Angrill

Co-Founder & CEO

Rodri Zamora

Google Ads expert

Felix Mark

Performance Marketing

Ketan Nashit

Performance Marketing

Stephane Dussart

Performance Marketing

David Tarazaga

Design & Branding

Enasha Pandya

Performance Marketing

Breno Pessoa

Growth Marketeer

Anne Brunnert

Senior SEO consultant

Joris Brabants

Marketing Automations

Livia Hirsch

Content Writer Strategist

Romario Suwandy

Design Creative

Marta Olszewska

Content strategist

Maurici Rodriguez

Copy/Content Writer

Oriol Siurana


Mar Romero

Growth Marketing

Johanna Böshans

Creative Editor Content

Kaspars Pocs

Partnerships Ops


Chief Trouble Maker


Chief Cuddling Officer

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