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Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Paid Social Campaign

< By Kunoichi Growth >

It’s important to set up your paid campaign before you run it. You can’t just start running a paid campaign without setting it up first, otherwise, you’ll be running into issues down the road.

What will you find in this guide?

Actually, you will get 2 checklists.

One for META (Facebook, Instagram) and the other for LinkedIn. So 2 in 1!

We have divided the checklists into four easily digestible parts.

  1. Set-up  
  2. Target audience  
  3. Goal setting  
  4. Creatives  

In each part you will find tasks to checkmark before launching your campaign, ensuring you got everything you need.

Also, we added for each task a “How to” link, in case you haven’t done it yet with best practices.


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